8/9/2020 – Gone Fishing

Much like the world today, we often find ourselves in times of uncertainty, while we wait for the next step to take, or the next opportunity to present itself. During these times we continue to grind in what we know feeling unfulfilled and barren. The disciples found themselves in this situation in John 21 as they embark on a fishing trip. 

6/28/2020 – Life Changes

Life is always changing. Every day is different and brings new challenges than the day before. In this world change seems to occur faster than we like and tends to catch us by surprise. These surprises tend to launch the be the warning signs of new seasons. Some seasons are good, and some are challenging. Scripture shows us that all seasons are important. 

3/15/2020 – Titus

How do you share the love of Christ to a world that has a skewed view of what it means to Know Jesus and Make Him Known? In this series we are going to look into the book of Titus and see how Paul commissioned Titus to reach an Island in Greece that definitely misunderstood the Love and Grace of the One True Living God.

11/25/2018 – MentorEd

Growth is not automatic, it’s a process. You can’t grow unless you have the proper nutrients in your life. This principle is often clear to us in many areas of our lives, but void when dealing with spirituality. Think about it, the only people fed in your house is the infants and sick. The moment people are able to feed themselves they generally do. So, why is that different in the church? Should the church be solely responsible for all of your spiritual growth? In this series we will discover some spiritual food for growth and show you how to begin to feed yourself.

10/28/2018 – New Wine

Generally no one likes change. We all get comfortable in our routines and don’t want disrupt our lives. However, sometimes change is needed to propel you forward. In this series we are going to look at the biblical principles to change and see how God has great things in store, if we are willing to submit to Him.

9/2/2018 – Breakthrough

How many times have felt as if God has forgotten you, only to find out He was there, you just couldn’t see Him? Often times His perceived absence is a set up for your future miracle. In this series we are going to look at examples in the Bible that demonstrate this principle and discover what miracles are in store for The Crossing and your lives!