6/26/2022 – Seasons of Grace

Life is full of seasons! From seasons of excitement and growth, to the painful times of loss and despair. Seasons are a part of life that cannot be avoided. However in those Seasons, where we don’t understand what God is doing and feel He is absent, grace is extended to us that will guide, provide and prepare us for our next season. In this series we are going to look at 4 Principles to Guide you through Seasons of Grace.

6/19/2022 – Bold Move

Have you ever made a bold move? What does a bold move look like to you? To some of us a bold move may be asking someone to marry you. It may be asking for a raise at work. It may be raising a child. Bold moves are moves that take risks and risk doesn’t always come dressed in adventure.

6/5/2022 – My Big Fat Mouth

Have you ever had moment in life, where you found yourself saying something you wish you never would have said? It may have even been something little like complaining, gossip, or a white lie.  Believe it or not, these small mistakes can have the same deadly price tag as any other. They destroy relationships, weaken our ability to represent Christ, and separate us from the life that God wants for us. In this series, we’ll acknowledge how common these are, how often we all commit them without even realizing it, and what we can do to avoid them.